We noticed a shortcoming in the common tracking devices. They are great as trackers but lack the capability to respond to emergency situations when parents need assistance most. Our partnership with Community Policing Malaysia and Viper Force responders provides this invaluable aid.

TraqKid is the only proactive preventive kit with end-to-end support that parents can subscribe to, where emergency assistance can be mobilised when the need arises.

TraqKid is the result of a partnership between a tracking solution that works with any types of phones, a call centre and a team of responders that can be despatched to lend emergency assistance upon request from parents.

We seek to revolutionise location-based tracking services and are committed to improving the lives of people by providing products and services with high customer value that is reliable.

Tracking Solution
Based on Mobile Cellular 3G / LTE technology
Call Centre
A 24/7 response centre ready to assist
A team of personnel attached to Community Policing Malaysia & Viper Force

Parents can subscribe to TraqKid today to gain peace of mind.

You will get a sim card (with standard telco services such as call time and data) PLUS access to a 24/7 call centre and responders when you require assistance.

Based on Mobile Cellular 3G / LTE technology
Real-Time Live Tracking
See the current location of your child in real time.
Shows where your child was at a certain point of time. You can see the path on a map up to 6 months.
Tracking Multiple Kids
Need to keep an eye on several kids? No problem! You can subscribe to as many TraqKid accounts as you need.

A response centre to assist you when in the event of any inconvenience or emergency. The nearest responder can be despatched to the last location of your child during an emergency, upon your request.
Make A Move

Get ease of mind with TraqKid. Ready for order now.



  • Unlimited High-Speed Data
  • Unlimited Calls
  • Real-time Live Tracking
  • History
  • Call Center & Responders




  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Accidental Death (RM20,000)
  • Permanent Total Disablement (RM20,000)
  • Accidental Medical Expenses (RM1,000)
  • Funeral Expenses due to Accident (RM1,000)

As parents, your most precious gems are your children. No parents can imagines losing sight of their child – until it happens, not to mention the terrifying feeling of panic and helplessness even for just brief moments.

The move you make in subscribing to TraqKid not only benefits you but will have a ripple effect of creating a wave of safe vibes for all parents with young ones out there, and together we can build a better community.

TraqKid mobile

Access from anywhere, anytime with TraqKid mobile. Available on Android and iOS.


TraqKid is realised via a synergetic collaboration of U Mobile with XimLoc capability with the team at Community Policing Malaysia, Viper Force and a 24/7 response centre.

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